How lucky we are when we have friends all over the world, but especially when these are fellow Concierges who can help us fulfill our guests’ wishes wherever they go. Because this is the beauty of our big Les Clefs d’Or family, thanks to which we can get information at any time. This time we decided to go to Switzerland to ask our dear friend Cornelius Haug some interesting questions…


Cornelius, can you tell us what made you choose a career as a hotel concierge?

When I started at the Kempinski Grand Hotel in St. Moritz, 20 years ago there was Nello as Chef Concierge. He always had an answer for everything. No matter what I asked him, he knew everything. I was so impressed that I wanted to be like him and 20 years later, I still love the Concierge profession. Every day is a new challenge and I am still excited and fascinated.

Your mandate as LCD Swiss President has just ended, are you planning to rejoin the International Board in future?

I am thinking about it a lot and will make my decision in the middle of next year. For me it is not important to have a title, I have never worked for my prestige. I have always tried to do the best for the associates. What I really enjoy is development and new technologies. Maybe I can bring that spirit to the International Board. I have been attending the Italian National Congress every year since 2013 and I am very grateful for your hospitality and friendship. For me Italian hospitality is a model to follow and I try to live this spirit and philosophy.

What kind of exclusive activities would you suggest to your guests to make their stay in Switzerland memorable?

I would suggest booking an exclusive ride on the Bernina train from St. Moritz to Poschiavo. The train is of course exclusive to them, including the catering. The panoramic views of the mountains are spectacular and for me it is the most scenic train ride in Switzerland. When the guest arrives in Poschiavo, they will fly by VIP helicopter over the Poschiavo valley, Piz Palü, the Moteratsch glacier, with a short scenic stop on top of Mount Corvatsch and back to St. Moritz. This is a wonderful exclusive activity where guests will take home unforgettable memories.

Marco Rinaldo

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