Thanks to our colleague Tommaso Mandrisi, we will discover an unusual face of Milan… Places like Villa Necchi Campiglio, Villa Invernizzi with its Flamingo garden are not usually included in any official tourist guide, as they are real special advices suggested by our Concierges of the city. Many of them, in fact, have the habit of establishing a specific route to allow their guests to enjoy an unusual Milan. And what could be more fascinating than continuing our tour to discover the Porta Venezia park, Europe’s first outdoor sports area, or strolling through the Lincoln Quarter and ending the day with dinner at Mimmo’s Milano. 

Milan is a combination of culture, art and fashion, classic and traditional at the same time, which has changed the city since it emerged as a new business city by hosting Expo 2015. Our main objective is to give the opportunity to discover Milan’s ‘hidden pearls’ – a journey between past and future. Villa Necchi Campiglio is one of the first villas located in the “Quadrilatero del Silenzio” area. The Villa was completed by architect Piero Portaluppi in 1935 and became the residence of the Necchi Campiglio family. In the 1930s it was part of the rich and elegant Milanese industrial bourgeoisie and the setting of the interior spaces reflects the traditional layout of the noble houses. The Necchi Campiglio family wanted to distance themselves from the traditions of the time, creating large spaces dedicated to welcoming guests. The Villa is now protected and managed by the FAI (Italian Environmental Fund) and is only a couple of minutes away from the ancient palace and the characteristic door of Casa Sola-Busca, also known as “Ca’ dell’Oreggia”. The house takes its name from the bronze sculpture of the ear located on the main door, which was used by the visitors to announce their arrival, rally shouting! At the end of Via Serbellini, on the right side of the road, right where Via Cappuccini begins, is Villa Invernizzi, unfortunately not open to the public. However, looking at it from the outside you can see the fantastic garden and the House of the Flamingo, from where you can admire dozens of these rare birds, all born in captivity, imported from Chile and Africa that now live in the grounds of the Villa. It is a good life for these animals, who spend their days together between a lush green garden and a swimming pool. After visiting the Villa, we will continue on the left towards the Porta Venezia Park, known as “Giardino Indro Montanelli”. This garden is an important and historic city park of Milan, located in the Porta Venezia district. The park was the first open area of the city and today it is one of the main points of cultural interest of Milan. Inside this beautiful park are the Natural History Museum and Villa Reale, a former palace commissioned by Count Lodovico Barbiano Belgiojoso in 1793, which today houses the Modern Art Gallery. Outside the park you can rent a bike from the BikeMi service and then move to the Lincoln Quarter. This particular area was one of the first “popular districts” of Milan and today it is characterized by the liveliness of the colours and by many magnificent plants and the flooring is made with the typical Lombard cobblestones. Your “Hidden Tour” ends with a fantastic dinner at “Mimmo Milano” in Sirtori street, 34, a location inaugurated in 2011 with a combination of elegant, warm and refined atmosphere, characterized by wooden and wrought iron furniture, white beams and soft lights. Mimmo is the best location if you want to enjoy a fresh and seasonal Italian menu or a simple Milanese aperitif.

Tommaso Mandrisi

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